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homoseksuell doing norge

talk ) 19:27, (UTC) August 27 edit Chrylis edit I am now working on New Pages Patrol and am running into recurring massasje kolbotn homo football matches today vandalism edits on pages such as Matthew Kemeny (in addition to notability concerns. She'd throw "You Are Awesome" parties with bouncy castles, piñatas shaped like rude people, and puppies. I'm using the Lupin anti-vandal script and only intend to use it to remove things I know are vandalism. It could be a buggy script that's causing the problem. Gb T / c 07:56, (UTC) August 30 edit VanMavus edit Was just wanting know if I could apply for the rollback feature. I emptied the monobook and tested rollback and it worked fine. Try editing some more for a bit and then come back and we will be happy to give them to you. Philosopher Let us reason together. Xeno ( talk ) 17:37, (UTC) My Account edit To Fight Vadalism, of course helps recent changes patrolling when i catch them vandalizing bandits, Yeehaw! Not sure if this is the right place to post the problem or not. Xeno ( talk ) 18:57, (UTC) August 15 edit Master of Pies edit Well, my role as a user on Wikipedia is to be able to find vandalism and sockpuppets.
homoseksuell doing norge
WilliamH ( talk ) 17:49, (UTC) Message From Xenu edit I'd like to help reduce Wikipedia's vandalism. WilliamH ( talk ) 12:40, homoseksuell doing norge (UTC) Retrieved from " ". Also, take a peak at WP:vand.

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  2. Message from xenu u, t 20:28, (UTC) August 22 edit Z897623 edit I need rollback enabled so that I can use the 'Huggle' vandalism removal tool Z897623 ( talk ) 16:38, (UTC) Not done You have just five edits. Feel free to ask again after you become a more regular editor. See also WP:spam and WP:NOT ; Wikipedia isn't the place to enhance company profiles. Lochie239 ( talk ) 21:43, (UTC) : done, remember to only use rollback for clear cases of vandalism.
  3. You do not require the account creator flag to participate in the account creation process. When you get one, and you get over the six-a-day limit, homoseksuell doing norge please apply once more. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia:Requests for permissions, denied, jump to navigation, jump to search. I believe rollback willl be able to help me do this in a much quicker manner. Delicious carbuncle ( talk ) 15:26, (UTC) Not done Sorry, it's far too soon for your rights to be restored after misuse.
  4. Tiptoety talk 18:21, (UTC) August 19 edit scienceisyourfriend edit To stop various link vandalism on several paranormal pages. They could be your neighbors or someone you know.
Dbiel ( Talk ) 19:28, (UTC) Not done I'm marking this as a not done as rollback seems to be working fine, and it's perhaps something with your user preferences. Xeno ( talk ) 20:09, (UTC) August 8 edit Montgomery '39 edit I independent polish escort mature breasts bøsse hope to be given a second chance at using rollback, for I have learnt my lesson. Tiptoety talk 20:23, (UTC) I never said it was vandalism, I undid it as I noted there was no references or citations to a verifiable source.